4 Elements, 3 Goals

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There are 4 elements in Wen-Do:

  1. Surprise
  2. Smoothness
  3. Circularity
  4. Self-Trust

Surprise comes from rebelling against the stereotypes that we have been taught; we are loud, bold, and target-driven. Our yelling also serves to draw attention and power our adrenaline.

Smoothness is all about beginning our self-defence when we feel threatened and ending it when we are safe. We don’t stop our self -defence until we are in safety. Sometimes self-defence is us using our voice. Sometimes it is using physical techniques. Sometimes it is waiting it out and waiting for our moment to escape.

Circularity is a physics principle that we use to add power to our hits; our upper-body strikes and blocks all use an element of circularity. We do not use strength against strength; rather, we use circularity, leverage, and a ‘snapping’ motion with our blocks and strikes.

Self-Trust. Your gut instinct, your intuition, your “spidey-sense.” Whatever you call it, it is your first indication that something might be “off” or “wrong.” Your stomach is your second brain; it will tell you when something is off, and it is a very keen and smart to trust this feeling and to act accordingly.

There are 3 goals in Wen-Do:

  1. Awareness
  2. Avoidance
  3. Action

Awareness begins with you honouring your gut instinct. It is also about being aware of your surroundings, of what is happening, of who is around, and where you might run to if you needed help. When we are aware this helps us to..

Avoid dangerous situations by seeking escape routes. Our best self-defence is when we can get away from a dangerous situation entirely without having to engage it directly.

Action. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we cannot or do not avoid dangerous situations. In this case, we may need to act in order to defend ourselves using verbal and/or physical self-defence techniques.


You are worth protecting and you are worth defending. You are worth fighting for.
Remembering this will be your most effective fuel to help you fight back and get yourself to safety.
You can do it. Remember this.

With respect and ferocity,