How to get a Wen-Do class into your school or workplace

Tips for the champion



First of all, hello! Hi! You are who I call a champion.
You are someone who believes that empowering self-defence training is crucial in your organization, school and/or workplace, and you believe that it is useful to not just you but also to the women around you. I tend to agree.

I invite you to pause for a moment and consider if there are other champions in your organization. Are there other women who want to take Wen-Do? Are there people around you who see the need for empowering team-building in your school? Who will be your allies in setting up and promoting this course? It's a great idea to get them on board early so that you are not the only one rowing the boat.

That said, you might be the kind of powerhouse who can organize events in your sleep. If so, rock on and read on!

You will probably find the following information useful whether you are bringing me in on your own as a free agent or whether you are bringing a proposal to your team or employer. If there is anything specific that I have missed, please don't be shy to get in touch.

You should know that Wen-Do classes can take many formats:
From lunch-and-learns and phys-ed classes to weekend and evening trainings, I have you covered and can work with you to establish the course format that you and your organization require.

That said, our 15-hour basic course is Wen-Do's most comprehensive training. The 15 hours can be divided over the course of one or two weekends or evenings over several weeks. Once again, send me an email so that we can work out the programming that works best for you!

Most women and girls are welcome to participate in a Wen-Do Courses! The minimum age is 10 years old and there is no maximum! Wen-Do can be taught to a diversity of women and girls regardless of body size or ability. And, yes. By women we mean ALL women. Transwomen are always welcome in Wen-Do classes!

For 1-hour classes, there is no limit to how many women and girls can participate. I offer pump-up speeches at rallies and violence prevention seminars for hospitals, schools, organizations and other workplaces. For longer workshops and courses, the limit is 15-20 participants.

The venue that you book should be able to accommodate participants comfortably. This includes booking a wheelchair-accessible and scent-free location, if at all possible.

For highly specialized, quality self-defence training that will come to you and won't try to sell you and your group gym memberships, Wen-Do has some of the best rates out there. The fee for Wen-Do instructors is $200 per hour and the fee for the 15 hour basic is $2,500. If this is unattainable for your organization, please don't be shy to get in touch; we may be able to work something out that fits your organization.

I will come to you, even if this means traveling long distances. Travel and accommodation must be covered by the host organization. Please get in touch regarding travel rates.

Also, don't overlook fundraising as an option! Many organizations may be willing to help with funding or in-kind support. This is a point in your organizing when you might wish to turn to your allies and co-champions for ideas and support.

You may charge fees to your participants for the training. If you charge and how much is entirely up to you, and will depend on what your organization and your participants can realistically afford.

In order to get the word out there in time, you will likely wish to book myself and your space 8 weeks ahead of time and begin your promotion at least 6 weeks ahead of the course date. It helps to work backwards with the end in mind. I can help you with promotional ideas and sample posters.

So here you go! You should now have all the information that you need to proceed with a course booking. To book me specifically, you can email me or call me at 514-236-4748. To contact Wen-Do directly, you may email or call at 416-929-3636, which is 92-WENDO.  Wen-Do's website is

On behalf of Wen-Do, I look forward to building a stronger, healthier, happier community of women and girls alongside you!