3 things happened when I took my first Wen-Do course

Note: This post was translated into Japanese by a colleague named Yui Fukuda. This text is below. Thank you, Yui!

I took my first Wen-Do course with Deb Chard in Sudbury in October 2010. Here is what happened.

1 – I faced my own feelings of blame.

I had lost a friend to gendered violence 2 years prior. It was a hard loss. During the course I ran smack into my own inner talk that used to wonder if she would still be alive “if only she had…”

Deb gently guided me; she said that we have all probably done things that we wish we could go back and change. Mistakes happen. This shouldn’t cost us our safety or our lives. What happened to my friend wasn’t her fault.

2 – I embodied my own power.

This course was four months after the Toronto G20, where many of my friends had been arrested. The majority of women who were arrested were violated by police through verbal harassment and strip-searches. I tried to process what had happened by researching and writing about it (published here). The interviews I did with activists were difficult for all involved; there was a lot of pain.

My Wen-Do course helped me to move from my fear and into my power and I was able to be a better support to my interviewees as a result.

3 – I found joy.

I moved through a lot of emotions that first weekend I spent with Wen-Do. I got the chance to work through thoughts and feelings that I thought I had already dealt with – and I came out so much stronger for it! In my Wen-Do course, I got to celebrate not only my strength but also the strength of those women who were there with me. There’s nothing like Wen-Do.

Years later, I am consistently wowed and honoured to be sharing this program with the world.

What did you get out of your first Wen-Do class? Write to me to share your story!


Here is the same post, translated into Japanese by Yui Fukuda. I’m so moved that this post resonated with you, Yui! Thanks again!



〜〜〜〜以下 訳文

Shailagh Keaney 2015年12月8日


1 私自身の責めの気持ちに気づくことができた

(*福多註:gendered violence:女性に対して、ジェンダーのバイアスや女性差別を基に行われる暴力。「DVで」とか「性暴力で」など、特定の現象を前面に出すのではない表現です)


2 私自身の力を実感できた

こ の講座は、2010年のトロントサミット(G20 Toronto Summit)の4ヶ月後に開催されたもので、サミットでは私の友人たちも大勢逮捕されました(*福多註:サミット時には街頭活動やデモが行われやすく、 また、厳戒態勢が敷かれることもあり、不当なものも含めて逮捕や拘束が多数発生します。トロントサミットに際してもトロント中心部での大規模なデモで 480人が逮捕され、それに抗議行動を行った人たちもまた身柄拘束されるなど、900人ほどの人が拘束されたとのこと)。

逮捕された女性の多くは警察に個人情報をさらされたりひどい言葉でハラスメントを受けたりしました。私は、それを明るみに出したく調査をしたり書いたりしたのですが(その出版物についてはこちら。 https://btlbooks.com/book/whose-streets )、活動家の方々へのインタビューは、入り組んだ複雑な事情や構造があって、困難で、あまりにも多くの痛みがありました。


3 楽しさを味わえた

Wen- Doを受けた週の週末はとにかく気持ちが大きく動きました。受講は私が乗り越えたと思い込んでいた様々な感情や考えに再度出会うチャンスとな り、私は以前よりもずっと強くなれました。Wen-Doでは、私は私はもちろん一緒に受講した女性たちの強さに出会えたことが嬉しくて、祝いたいほどの気 持ちになりました。